London Borough of Croydon

In recent years, regardless of political colour, all Councils are facing up to the challenge that central government has cut funding to local authorities by 40% over the last four years.

Here in Croydon, our new Labour administration is Ambitious for Croydon and firmly on the front foot in transforming the delivery of our services. In the autumn, we will be working with communities through a Fairness Commission to hear first-hand about how we can deliver public services in a way that is fairer to all of our communities.

While we explore every opportunity to deliver better services at reduced costs, there are of course immediate challenges to face. Some of those challenges are borne out of central government’s inequitable funding for Croydon when compared to funding for other councils. A report commissioned by the Council sets out very clearly the sheer scale of this unfairness. The Croydon Public Sector Funding - Summary Report can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

This report highlights many areas where Croydon Council is unfairly penalised by the current funding system for local councils. These additional costs have to be met, unfairly, by people who live in Croydon. As the Leader of the Council, along with my Cabinet colleagues, I am taking these issues forward with the respective Government Ministers and also bringing them to the attention of Shadow Cabinet Ministers. A full report on our efforts to get Fairer Funding for Croydon will be presented to Cabinet in September.

Leader of the Council - Tony Newman


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