We are currently reviewing all of our residents' accounts with a 25% sole occupier’s discount. This is to make sure our records are as up to date and accurate as possible so that the bills we send out to residents are correct.


The review is being carried out by a private company, Northgate, on behalf of the council. 

For enquiries, please contact Northgate on 0203 6602484.

How the review is being carried out

All accounts that currently have a sole occupier's discount are being checked. Where there appears a discrepancy, a review form will be sent. This will give residents the opportunity to respond and either confirm or update the details of their circumstances. 

Residents will be able to respond online, by phone or by post.

Residents will be given 2 weeks to respond to the first letter and if no response is received, a reminder letter will be sent. 

If there is still no response after a further 2 weeks, the discount will be removed. If it turns out a discount has been removed but the resident should still receive it, the discount will be put on to the account again once we have confirmation in writing that they are the only adult in the property.

Dates of the review

The review started on 24 August 2020 when review forms were sent out to residents.

We expect the review to be concluded by November 2020.