If you need to report that someone in Croydon has passed away, please complete our online form, so we can update our records.

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We also need to know:

  • when probate is granted
  • if the property is sold
  • if someone moves in
  • if someone inherits the property
  • if the furniture is removed from the property

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If someone is still living in the property

If someone has passed away in a property, one or more of the remaining occupiers of the property who are over 18 will be made liable for paying the Council Tax, from the date of death. That is unless the person who died was the owner and the property is a house in multiple occupation.

If no one is living at the property

If the property remains empty, the executor of the estate will be responsible for the Council Tax.


However, if no one moves into the property and the property is not jointly owned by a living person, an exemption will be awarded until probate has been granted.

Once probate has been granted, any exemption continues for a further 6 months if:

  • nobody moves into the property
  • the property is not inherited by a beneficiary
  • the property is not sold

When the exemption period ends

A Council Tax bill will be issued to the executors as soon as any exemption ends. However, sometimes the property will still be vacant and in the hands of the executors. In these cases a further reduction may be awarded depending on when the furniture was removed from the property.

We will require further information and evidence about this to make a decision. Please contact a member of our Council Tax team to discuss this further.

Croydon Council Tax team
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Telephone: 02087 267 000 (select option 1)
Email: croyctax@croydon.gov.uk

Outstanding balances and accounts in credit

If there is a credit on the deceased person's Council Tax account we will refund this to the deceased person's estate. If the deceased person is survived by a partner any credit will be transferred to their new Council Tax account.

If there is an outstanding balance on the deceased persons account the amount will be cleared by payment from the estate.

For further help dealing with affairs after a death please visit bereavement services.

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