What is a Publication Scheme?

It is a guide to the kinds of information that the council routinely makes available.

Following consultation the Information Commissioner has stated that websites may serve as a council’s guide to information and in most cases the actual information should be available on the site.

What information does the scheme contain?

'Publishes' does not only mean printed material, in the wider sense it includes material on our website, printed matter, reports, audio tapes and leaflets.

Much of the material listed in this scheme may be found on our website. It is our intention that as much material as possible will be made available on the website on an ongoing basis. A section of the website will be developed to enable users to access the majority of the information within the scheme online.

Charges for information in the scheme

Information is freely available on the website. If there is a charge for providing the information, you will be informed of any charge before the information is provided.

Other types of requests

Where it is not possible to make information available electronically, or if you do not have regular access to the internet then you can request information from us. If there is no named officer or email listed please contact us, using the contact details below.

Your rights

The publication scheme, and the Freedom of Information Act in particular, do not limit in any way other rights you may have to information.

A lot of information we hold is personal and private information relating to individuals. The Freedom of Information Act does not deal with this kind of information - this type of information is dealt with by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your private business and personal information therefore is not made available under this scheme. If you need any further assistance with this type of request, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Statement of commitment

Following this guidance the Council have adopted the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme. The scheme is made up of seven classes of information which the Information Commissioner believes councils publish. It does not require us to publish everything listed, if we do not currently do so. We are therefore committed to making as much routine information as possible, available via our website.