How Scrutiny in Croydon works

About the Scrutiny process in Croydon. 

Croydon has a main overview committee, and three sub-committees that carry out Scrutiny work:

These committees have regular meetings and sometimes also work in more informal ways - such as through workshops, site visits, evidence sessions, literature reviews, surveys and Local Action Mini Reviews.  They may use this information to make recommendations to the council’s Cabinet or other external bodies about how services could be improved or developed.

Seeking answers at public meetings

Scrutiny committees listen to local people and make recommendations on future policies.  Scrutiny is not confined to what the council does.  Scrutiny committees also look at local health services (including GP surgeries, hospitals, midwives and health visitors and community workers), crime and disorder matters, schooling and education, transport, recreational facilities (such as free swimming lessons), flooding and many other issues which affect the community.

Your participation is important, question officers and contribute to our discussions.  

You can help us:

  • Focus on your issues
  • Be better informed about issues under consideration
  • Make well informed recommendations to improve things
  • Promote transparency and openness

Find out how you can participate

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