Online services for landlords

Information for landlords about how to access housing benefit schedules and letters.

From September 2022 the way you view your housing benefit schedules and letters has changed and you need to re-register.

Signing up for an online account is a quick and easy way to view your payment schedules, see a breakdown of your tenant’s benefit claim and download notification letters.

How My Account has changed for landlords

The new system requires one person to be the main account holder, who can then set up accounts for other people who need access to your landlord schedules and letters. 

If you were already registered on My Account you will need to register again. You can use the same email address as before. 

Our benefits team need to set up the lead account before you can access it. Please complete the following form to give them details of who is going to be the lead user.

Register for an account

Once the lead account has been created, they will receive an email confirming they have been signed up. 

Already registered 

If you have been re-registered by the benefits team since September 2022 then you can sign in.

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