London Borough of Croydon

We know Croydon’s a place where people go out of their way help and support each other. Now’s the time to tell us who they are and how they’ve made a difference.

Community heroes in our borough are set to be honoured in the 2017 Mayor of Croydon’s Civic Awards, created to recognise the commitment, energy and goodwill of volunteers, community groups, local partners and businesses who help to make Croydon a brilliant place for people to live, visit, work and grow.

It could be someone who helps to keep Croydon green and clean or a local business or partnership which helps young people into work. We’re especially keen to hear about the young people of Croydon who are making a difference – do you know a young person who has against the odds transformed their own lives and now helps others to help themselves?

2017 Awards

1. Volunteer of the Year
2. Voluntary Group of the Year

Dedicated volunteers in Croydon devote hours to helping people for no financial reward and we want to hear about them. There are two categories to recognise both individuals and groups who’ve made an outstanding contribution to Croydon’s community or the lives of others through volunteering.

3. Young Achiever of the Year

Do you know a young person aged 16 to 25 who has achieved something great? This award celebrates the inspirational young people of Croydon who have made an outstanding contribution. It could be someone who has made a difference in their local community, a talented apprentice, or someone who has overcome personal difficulties and now helps other young people through mentoring, befriending, advocacy or leadership.

4. Contribution to Sport and Healthy Living

Do you know an individual or group who’s made an outstanding contribution to local sport or the health and wellbeing of our residents? They could be working behind the scenes at a local sports club or educating and nurturing local people of all ages and abilities to lead healthier lives.

5. Don’t Mess with Croydon - Take Pride

The winner of this award takes pride in their local area and helps to keep our borough clean and green. They will have dedicated time to looking after the environment or helped raise awareness in their community, school or workplace.

6. Business in the Community

This award recognises businesses or entrepreneurs that put Croydon’s community at the heart of their business. They support our economy and improve life in the borough through partnership working, creating jobs, apprenticeships or investing in young people. 

7. Fairer Croydon

Recognising those who work hard to create a fairer Croydon through campaigning or other activities. They help to reduce inequality and/or provide opportunities for disadvantaged residents.

8. Carer of the Year

Open to carers of all ages who devote hours of their time to looking after a friend or relative while trying to juggle the demands of their own life.

9. Good Neighbour

Those who live alone, have little contact with family or friends or access to support networks can be at risk of experiencing social isolation and feelings of loneliness. If left unchecked, these feelings can affect a person’s wellbeing and mental and physical health. This very special award is to thank individuals who help others living near them, whether running errands, looking after those living alone or being a shoulder to cry on when times are tough.

10. Stronger Together

Recognises an individual, community group or organisation who have helped to bring together cultures and communities through a local project or community event. It’s also open to faith groups and organisations who reach out through befriending, outreach, creating more aging or youth friendly spaces, community and social events.

Mayor’s Lifetime Contribution award

This special award is presented by Mayor of Croydon to someone who has devoted many years of outstanding service to the local community. The winner will be a person or group who has made an outstanding contribution to the borough of Croydon.

How to nominate

Nominating is easy – you can do it online or complete the nomination form below and email it to Need help completing a nomination? Just email or call 0208 604 7042.

Nominations must be in by 8 September. The award finalists in each of the ten categories will be announced in September and invited to attend the 2017 Mayor of Croydon’s Civic Awards on 17 October where the winners will be revealed.


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