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Application to become a British citizen is made through the Home Office. Successful applicants aged over 18 are required to attend a citizenship ceremony. Children under 18 who have applied with their parents, may attend a ceremony with other members of the family to collect their certificate. Children do not have to take the oath/affirmation or pledge.

Booking a ceremony

Contact us on telephone number 020 8726 6300 to make a booking.
Please have the letter from the Home Office with you. You you will be asked for the poll and cover note numbers printed at the top right of the letter.

We will also ask you the following questions:

  • Do you want a group or individual ceremony?
    • A group ceremony includes up to 17 applicants and is free of charge.
    • Individual ceremonies cost £125. Payable by credit/debit card. Please discuss the arrangements when making your booking.
    • Citizens under 65 who have a disability or are considered to have a disability due to mental health may request a private ceremony. Under certain circumstances a ceremony can be arranged free of charge. You can discuss this further when making your booking.
  • Are there any special requirements we need to know about?
  • Are you happy to shake hands when you receive your certificate? 

We will send you confirmation of your booking within seven days.

Where will the ceremony take place?

Ceremonies are held either in the Register Office, Town Hall, (side entrance), Fell Road, Croydon, CR0 1NX. or the Braithwaite Hall when the entrance will be via the main Town Hall entrance on Katharine st, Croydon

Doors are opened from 5.30pm

What happens at a ceremony?

  • On arrival at the ceremony venue you will be asked to show your Home Office letter of invitation. Light refreshments will be served.
  • You will be given a pledge card with the words to the oath or affirmation and pledge that you have to say during the ceremony. You will also receive an information pack.
  • After a speech of welcome, the superintendent registrar will invite you to swear/affirm the oath of allegiance. If you are going to swear the oath before God, you may bring a holy book with you.
  • A dignitary will then present you with your citizenship certificate.
  • Do not laminate your certificate/s.
  • Guests are welcome, but usually limited to two people.
  • The ceremony usually last between 30 - 45 minutes
  • An official photographer is in attendance if you wish to have photographs taken at the ceremony.

Copies of naturalisation certificates

Copies of naturalisation certificates can only be obtained from the Home Office. Contact details can be found on your invitation letter.


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