London Borough of Croydon

Early education and childcare play a crucial role in raising children's educational achievement and improves life chances. Childcare providers play an important part in the local economy and regeneration.

The Childcare Act (2006) places duties on Croydon Council to manage the childcare market and ensure the sufficiency of childcare within the borough. There are three steps to ensuring the sufficiency of childcare:

  • conducting a sufficiency assessment
  • sufficiency action planning
  • managing the childcare market.

The assessment of childcare sufficiency is a requirement by the Department for Education and has to be completed every three years. It is a process designed to ensure there is enough childcare to meet the needs of parents and carers with children aged up to 14 years old (or up to 17 years old for disabled children or children with additional needs) to take up or remain in work, or undertake training that could assist them to obtain work.

You can download below the childcare sufficiency report for 2015 and reports on the childcare provision available in localities in Croydon.


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