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How much do childminders charge?

All childminders are self-employed and responsible for their own expenses, equipment, tax and national insurance. As they set their own rates, charges will vary and will be a private arrangement between you and the childminder.

A childminder's rates will take into account the services they offer.


You must always have a contract with the childminder stating:

  • hours
  • fees
  • overtime rates
  • fees for non-attendance
  • meals provided
  • notice to be given
  • other agreed particulars.

This should be signed and dated by both parties, and each should keep a copy.

How many children may childminders look after?

The number of children that can be cared for will vary from childminder to childminder depending on their registration status.

What should I do if I am unhappy with the childminder?

Try to discuss any difficulties as soon as they arise so that a solution can be found. If you are unable to resolve your difficulties and they relate to the quality of care, contact Ofsted.


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