London Borough of Croydon

How do you find a childminder?

Family space Croydon can provide you with details of childminders with vacancies who live in your area or near your place of work or study. You can also find details of registered childminders on

'Word of mouth' is a good reference - ask friends or colleagues if they use or have used a registered childminder they are happy with.

How do you choose a childminder?

Where possible, visit several childminders to see if the service they offer is suitable for you and your child's needs. Bring a list of questions of issues you want to bring up and take notes. This will be a useful reminder for you and place the arrangement on an organised, professional footing from the start.

It's always a good idea to bring your child along when you visit a childminder.

Some points to consider

  • always go to a registered childminder - ask to see their registration certificate (childminders in Croydon should have a portfolio containing their public liability insurance cover, inspection report or letter and certificate of registration)
  • is the accommodation safe; is there room to play; are there toys and books around?
  • how many other children are in their care - are they happy, settled and busy?
  • what activities are available for the children?
  • how do they deal with unacceptable behaviour?
  • what training or experience do they have in looking after other people's children?
  • do you need to provide any equipment, such as a buggy?
  • what safety equipment is used - including car restraints?
  • is there appropriate car insurance cover?
  • what pets do they have?
  • what happens if your child is ill - will they contact you; will they mind a sick child?


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