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How do you settle your child with a childminder?

Try to arrange several visits with the childminder for you and your child. This will help them to become familiar with the new situation. Try leaving your child for a short time to start with, so they gradually get used to being left with the childminder.

Do you have to take anything to the childminder?

It might be a good idea to take a favourite toy, and if you have a young baby the childminder may ask you to bring food, nappies and other baby essentials.

Make sure your child is dressed adequately for the time of year; the childminder may want to take your child out during the day. A change of clothes and shoes is a good idea, too.

What other information will the childminder need?

Telephone numbers, names and addresses of:

  • your place of work
  • your doctor and health visitor
  • an emergency contact number.

Other things to consider telling the childminder are:

  • what illnesses and immunisations your child has had; any allergies
  • what your child does and does not like to eat
  • your child's sleeping routine
  • any pet words or names
  • whether your child is toilet trained
  • if your child can use a cup, spoon, fork or knife
  • anything that will help your child to settle.

What happens if your child is ill?

Childminders do not normally look after sick children, as infection may spread to other children in the group and their families. The childminder should contact you if your child becomes ill while in their care.

Permission will also be needed to administer any prescribed medicine to your child.

What happens if the childminder is ill?

It is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements although some childminders will help you to make arrangements with another childminder to cover for them during the illness.


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