Council and community services in North Croydon

Across Croydon there are many distinct communities, each with different strengths and needs. The council wants to adapt the way that we deliver services to reflect that. We are starting with a pilot in the North of Croydon, aiming to make services more accessible and responsive so residents can access the right support, when they need it.

The council is looking at the services that are available to residents in each area and how we can ensure that these best meet resident requirements. This means looking at the possibility of delivering from local libraries, youth centres or community spaces in North Croydon. The primary focus will be a targeted offer to those children and families who may benefit from additional support.

What’s on:

Take a look at the events calendar below to see activities, groups and sessions that are available in the North Croydon area. The calendar will be regularly updated with new sessions and events.

This calendar is a temporary placeholder as we consider a longer-term resource that allows residents to find information about what is available to them locally.

Some events require booking, so check the calendar entry for more information.

Events calendar