Croydon Community Partnership Against Trauma

Helping children and young people fulfil their potential.

Up to 1,425 pupils aged 10 to 16 will benefit from the £1.2m awarded by the Young Londoner’s Fund (YLF), to Croydon Community Partnership Against Trauma, to help reduce youth violence in the borough. 

The money will fund a three-year school-based programme from January 2020 to December 2022.

About the partnership

The partnership is made up of a number schools, infrastructure, voluntary and community organisations, pupils, parents, and the council.

The programme

The programme will help young people address negative childhood experience through empowerment and behaviour change. It will form part of Croydon's long-term strategy to reduce youth violence, by focusing on pupil transition phases, and using community-based activities.

How will it work?

Eight schools and two colleges will be involved in the programme. Teachers will be trained to identify pupils most challenged by the transition from primary to secondary school (years 6 and 7) and from secondary school to college (years 11 and 12). 

Once identified pupils and parents will be offered a range of support, from mentoring, counselling, parenting workshops and intergenerational activities. Community groups will lead the activities with support from Croydon Voluntary Action and Croydon Council.

How will we know we’ve been successful?

The scheme’s success will be measured in a number of ways, for example:

  • Fewer exclusions,
  • An increase in the numbers of young people finishing college,
  • Improved mental health & wellbeing, 
  • Increased youth engagement in decision making,
  • Improved family relationships.

2020 timeline

  • Trauma informed training - January - March
  • Mental health support - spring
  • Diversionary activities - summer 
  • Year one graduates - autumn