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Achieving Access for All

Achieving Access for All is a guide to making information and services accessible to disabled people. It brings together a range of practical information that will help to make services accessible for disabled people.

We are committed to making Croydon a place noted for its safety, openness, and community spirit where all people are welcome to live and work. We want everyone to recognise and respect each other's differences as well as be united by shared values around freedom, opportunity, fairness and responsibility.

We all have a role to play in helping to make Croydon a place of opportunity and belonging. This means everyone is given the best opportunities throughout their lives to make the most of their abilities and fulfil their potential.

In Croydon disabled people play a vital role in helping influence and shape the services available in the borough. This series of guidance documents are intended to be used by anyone in a range of situations to ensure together we achieve access for all.

This document is dedicated in memory of Jeanette Wallace, Chair of Croydon Disability Forum (2003 - 2010) and Disabled Peoples' Champion - Croydon Council.

Jeanette sadly died on 17 February 2010. She was a key partner of the Local Strategic Partnership, and was an active member of a number of partnership boards, consultation committees and groups in the borough, over a 10 year period. She also co-authored the original council version of Achieving Access for All, over a four year period, and contributed to the 2010 refreshed document.


Download Achieving Access for All - Contents (PDF, 99.4KB)

Download Card 1 - Foreword (PDF, 704.5KB)

Download Card 2 - Being Disability Aware (PDF, 723.8KB)

Download Card 3 - The Social Model of Disability (PDF, 840.3KB)

Download Card 4 - A Brief Guide to Inclusive Design (PDF, 611.3KB)

Download Card 5 - Making Information Accessible (PDF, 781.9KB)

Download Card 6 - Making Text Accessible (PDF, 729.9KB)

Download Card 7 - Producing Information in Alternative Formats (PDF, 747.9KB)

Download Card 8 - Organising a Conference, Seminar or other Public Meetings (PDF, 916.3KB)

Download Card 9 - Overhead Projector and PowerPoint Presentations (PDF, 622.0KB)

Download Card 10 - Assisting Blind and Partially Sighted People (PDF, 785.4KB)

Download Guide 11 - Communicating with People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (PDF, 730.8KB)

Download Card 12 - Understanding People with Speech Impairments (PDF, 621.0KB)

Download Card 13 - Assisting People with Mobility Difficulties (PDF, 645.8KB)

Download Card 14 - Improving Access for People with a Learning Difficulty (PDF, 620.8KB)

Download Card 15 - Making Information Accessible for People with Dyslexia (PDF, 756.3KB)

Download Card 16 - Improving Access for People with Mental Health Issues (PDF, 625.4KB)

Download Card 17 - Legal framework (PDF, 925.0KB)

Download Card 18 - Advice and Support (PDF, 628.2KB)