Partnership working

How we work with our partners to respond to emergencies effectively

The Croydon Resilience Forum (CRF) is a statutory group of multi-agency responders, with the aim to provide a single forum for the integrated and coordinated approach to emergency and business continuity management and response as determined by the risks and needs throughout the London borough of Croydon. 

Key members of the CRF include

The CRF meets at least three times a year to:

Discuss risks within the borough

The CRF maintains a borough risk register, which identifies the potential risks that Croydon faces and our mitigating actions. You can find a copy of the CRF Risk Register in the file attachments at the bottom of this page.

Develop plans for specific risks identified

You can find copies of Croydon Council and multi-agency CRF emergency plans and procedures here.

Share best practice with other responders

We share lessons and best practice from incidents and exercises that we’ve been involved in, to improve and enhance our current response arrangements.

Train and exercise together

At least twice a year we hold emergency simulations to test our joint emergency response arrangements. We’ve held exercises on lots of different scenarios, from flooding and animal disease to utility disruptions and terrorism.

File attachments

 Croydon Resilience Forum Risk Register (PDF, 1MB)