Young people with special educational or disability needs

Find out what support is available after your child reaches 16 and over and how they can continue with their special educational needs or disability support.


The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a stressful time of change, especially if you are a young person with special educational needs and or a disability.

You should begin discussing transition at school from the beginning of Year 9 (approximately 14 years old) to complete the process by age 25.

The Transition team work with young people and their carers who will continue to need social care support after the age of 18. 

Find out if you are eligible and more about transitioning into adult social care – Croydon's Local Offer website.

You can also find information on moving from children's social care to adult's social care on the NHS website.

Independent living support

Some young adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities will be able to live independently with the correct support. The Joint Community Learning Disability Team can help to arrange support for independent living, support at home and supported housing or other accommodation, such as residential care.

Read more about eligibility, services that are available and the assessment process for independent living support – Croydon's Local Offer

Housing support

If you are looking for help with your housing options, you will need to complete the housing options self-help tool before contacting the housing team.

Find out how to apply for housing self help options.

Support for 14 to 21 year olds

If you are between 14 and 21, you should contact CAYSH housing advice team at the Turnaround Centre, a specialist service exclusively for young people and their families. 

CAYSH's housing advice team
Telephone: 020 8760 5530

Further information and support 

Croydon Rent in Advance Scheme - provides financial support and advice to vulnerable people.

Croydon Shared Lives Scheme - for vulnerable adults who need support with day to day living. 

Employment support

Vulnerable and disabled young people living in Croydon can access employment support via the Gateway Enablement and Employment Support Service (GEESS). This service focuses on promoting independence and quality to enable residents to access mainstream work opportunities of their choice.

Further details on GEESS as well as available apprenticeships, traineeships and full-time jobs can be found by visiting Croydon Local Offer.