Adoption in Croydon is managed by Adopt London: find out more about adopting a child. You can also find out about support for adults who were adopted as children.

Adopt London South

The London Borough of Croydon is part of Adopt London South. Visit their website to find out about:

  • adopting a child in Croydon
  • adopting the child of a partnerĀ (step-parent adoption) or relative
  • the adoption process
  • support for families after adoption
  • support for birth relatives
  • support for adults who were adopted
  • advice for social work professionals

Find out more on Adopt London South

Records from closed adoption agencies

Adopt London South also holds in trust a large number of archived adoption files from 2 adoption agencies that have now closed: The Mission of Hope and the Homeless Children's Aid and Adoption Society, also known as Christian Family Concern