Adopt London South

The London Borough of Croydon is part of Adopt London South. Visit their website to find out about:

  • adopting a child in Croydon
  • adopting the child of a partner (step-parent adoption) or relative
  • the adoption process
  • support for families after adoption
  • support for social workers

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Support for adults who were adopted

We can provide advice, support and information if you live in Croydon and you are trying to access your birth and adoption records. This is known as Schedule 2 services.

If you are over 18 years old, you can apply for a copy of your original birth certificate.

This is usually the first step in gaining access to your birth and adoption records. If you were born and adopted in the UK we can help you apply to the General Registry Office for a copy of your original birth certificate, even if you do not know your birth name or that of your birth parents.

Find more on the Adoption Search Reunion website.

Other support services

These include:

  • confidential counselling and advice service from the General Registry Office where you can request birth records in Croydon
  • advice on how to apply for access to other adoption records, such as those held by an adoption agency other than Croydon or held by a court
  • an intermediary service if you live in Croydon and you are thinking about tracing and contacting a birth relative

Records from closed adoption agencies

Croydon council holds in trust a large number of archived adoption files from 2 adoption agencies that have now closed: The Mission of Hope and the Homeless Children's Aid and Adoption Society, also known as Christian Family Concern

Croydon council has also been an adoption agency for many years and holds archived records relating to children placed for adoption through Croydon council. We also hold archived records for children adopted through courts in Croydon whose adoptive parents lived in Croydon but were placed privately or through a third party.