London Borough of Croydon


Introduction to business rates  ½ day
Rateable valuation  ½ day
Valuation - a practical guide  1 day
Rateable occupation  ½ day
Occupied exemptions  ½ day
Reliefs  1 day
Understanding transitional relief  ½ day
Unoccupied hereditaments  ½ day
Billing and recovery  1 day
Recovery  ½ day
Business rates - officers at the Magistrates Court (presenting officers or witnesses at a Liability Order or Committal Hearing)  ½ day
Insolvency  1 day
Bankruptcy - a practical guide  ½ day
April 2010 changes (including the revaluation and the business rates supplement)  ½ day

System: Northgate

Searches and navigation  ½ day
Setting up and cancelling accounts  ½ day
Setting up and cancelling reliefs and exemptions  ½ day
Setting up and deleting properties (including splits and mergers and payment of interest)  ½ day
Billing and recovery  ½ day
Cash allocation and transfers  ½ day

System: Iclipse

Searches and navigation  ½ day


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