London Borough of Croydon


Overview of housing and council tax benefit  ½ day
Eligible rent (basic)  ½ day
Non dependants and the household  1 day
Start dates (passported claims)  1 day
Changes of circumstance  1 day
Backdating (introduction)  ½ day
Backdating (decision making)  1 day
Income  ½ day
Capital  ½ day
Applicable amounts  1 day
Manual calculations  ½ day
Start dates (standard claims)  ½ day
Private tenants (eligible rent and rent officer referral)  1 day
Occupying the home (temporary absence, payment on two homes, payment prior to and after moving)  ½ day
Overpayments  1 day
Students  1 day
Self employed  1 day
Persons from abroad  1 day
April changes/scheme changes  ½ day
LHA (assessors course)  ½ day
LHA (introduction)  ½ day
ESA  ½ day
Introduction to subsidy  ½ day

System: Northgate

 Searches and navigation  1 day
 Inputting passported claims  2 days
 Inputting standard claims  2 days
 Rent officer referrals  1 day
 Changes of circumstance  1 day
 LHA  ½ day

System: Iclipse

 Searches and navigation  ½ day


Croydon L&D Consultancy

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