London Borough of Croydon

Organising safe events

If you are planning a public gathering, either in a Croydon park or highway, you will have to consider public safety. Public gatherings include:

  • Community festivals
  • Commercial events
  • Country or craft shows
  • Fun runs
  • Street Market Events
  • Charity or sports events
  • Any other public event

Definition of an Event

An event is defined in our policy as:

A planned activity in a specific location and for a limited period of time that members of the public can attend.  The activity can take place either indoors or outdoors, on public land or in private property. The activity or occasion can reasonably be expected to cause a public gathering that is not part of the normal course of business at that location and time.


Commercial events are those that are intended to make a profit, including product launches, corporate events, other marketing and promotional activities. This also includes circuses, fairgrounds, and ticketed festivals.


These are events organised by local not-for-profit, community or voluntary groups that directly benefit the residents of Croydon and do not provide significant advertising or other commercial benefit to a profit-making business or organisation.


Events organised by registered charities and are predominantly fund-raising or awareness-raising events for the benefit of the charity. A registered charity number should be provided.

Organised fitness

These are sporting or physical activity events organised with or without a charge to those attending the activity.  Generally where groups are offering training or organisation without a charge there will not be a booking fee but an application fee may still apply.

Before you hold a public event, you must complete an Event Application form and risk assessment with copy of the public liability insurance and an event management plan. Please print out the forms below and send them to us at our contact address or email. This information will enable our officers to help you plan a safe event.

Attached below is our ORGANISING SAFE AND SUCCESSFUL EVENTS IN CROYDON which you can downloaded from the documents below.

It includes information on:

  • organisers' responsibilities
  • risk assessments
  • stewarding
  • Public liability insurance to the value of £5 million (dependant of expected capacity of the event).
  • Site preparation
  • Event promotion
  • Recommended reading
  • Contact details of organisations that can provide assistance.

Alternatively, contact us using the details below and we will send you copies of the guide and forms.

Application Fees

£30.00 Inc. VAT for Charity/Community Event

£120.00 Inc. VAT for a commercial event

These fees are non-refundable.

Payment by cheque payable to Croydon Council or

We will contact you from your details on the application form to enable us to take payment by debit or credit card over the telephone.

General Data Protection Regulations and sharing information

The safety and security of your event is paramount. We will store the information provided to us our internal Council database.  However to help ensure that your event runs smoothly we will share this with appropriate internal Council departments including Parks, Highways, Parking Services. Additionally external agencies including police, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service may also provided this information.  We will keep a record of who this has been shared with.  Please advise if you do not want this to be shared with a Safety Advisory Group partners.

Online payment

You can make payment online by clicking the link below and following the instructions;  Pay for it / select Browse A-Z / select L / select – Renewals/Payments, in the Product Search dropdown box select Events and click view. Please click on the wording that responds to the fee you are making (Commerce Event/Charity/Community Event) and follow the instructions.

Please inform us of your payment and submit your documents to

Other fees may apply, please contact:

Licensing -

Parking -

Highways (Road Closures) -

Parks -

Advertising- Banners & Posters -



Address Line:

Croydon Council

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