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Are you getting the best deal on your energy costs? Use a comparison website to ensure that you are getting the best possible tariff or join our Big Energy Switch.

Need help cutting down on your energy bills? Download our "Saving Energy Factsheet" to find out how you can reduce your spend on your gas and electricity bills.

Make sure that your home is energy efficient allowing you to cut down on your energy costs, find out more about free grants and applying for improvements that will benefit your home


Food shopping is one of the biggest expenses for a household. You can eat well for less by just being a bit more organised.  Do you find yourself in the supermarket putting things in your trolley that you just don't need? The average person throws away £500 of food each year; don't let yourself be one of those:

  • dig out some cookery books
  • write a meal plan and shopping list  
  • stick to what you need
  • be flexible; if there are real offers as you can make meals ahead and freeze.

​One way to pinch the pennies and eat healthily for less, is to use your local market. Where supermarkets have 'half price' strawberries the local market will often have the same fruit for a quarter of the price. Market fruit and veg on the whole is local produce too.

Swapping your usual brand for a supermarket basic brand can save you quite a bit of money. A supermarket basic tin of baked beans is 30p compared to a branded tin which is more than twice the price at 65p per tin; try swapping to see how much you can save.

Visit the mysupermarket website to compare the price of your shopping in different supermarkets.  

You can also visit Love food Hate waste for tips and ideas on food.

General Advice

There are a number of ways to make your money go further> Look at these sites for hints on managing your money:

Money Advice Service - Help improve your finances with tools and calculators to help you keep track and plan ahead.

Money saving expert - Advice on the best shopping deals, utility bills and special offers.


Do you need help with concessionary travel such as a Older or Disabled person’s freedom pass? Do you qualify for a Blue Badge? Visit our Getting around pages for more information.

Did you know that you can get a discount on your travel if you are looking for work or are over 18 and in the first year of an apprenticeship? There are other discretionary travel schemes available from Transport for London.

Family and children

Stuck for ideas on how to entertain your children on a budget? Need help with affordable childcare of finding out if there is any funding for childcare needs? Visit our Familyspace website for lots of ideas and information.


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