London Borough of Croydon

Following new legislation effective from 6 April 2014, bailiff companies are now known as enforcement agencies and bailiffs are known as enforcement agents. Bailiff fees are now known as enforcement fees.

The new legislation means that there have been significant changes to the enforcement fees charged during recovery by the enforcement agency.

If your liability order (following recovery for outstanding council tax) is passed to an enforcement agency it is very important that you contact them immediately to agree an arrangement for payment and minimise fees charged.

Croydon Council uses several enforcement agencies. If you have received a notice from the Croydon Enforcement Agent Service, more information is available on the web page. You need to contact all other enforcement agencies directly.  

If you do not do so you risk being charged enforcement fees.

Enforcement fees relating to council tax for action taken after 6 April 2014

The fees Enforcement Agents (EA's) can now charge have been detailed below:

Stage  Amount  When is the charge applied
Compliance £75.00 for each liability order Upon issue of a seven day compliance letter to the debtor. This is the first letter sent by the enforcement agency, giving the option to contact them to set an arrangement and details of how and who to pay.
Enforcement £235.00 - This can be charged more than once if you have more than one liability order and enforcement takes place on different days.

(An extra 7.5% can be charged for liability order(s)/warrant(s) where the total is over £1,500)
Takes place at least 14 days (excluding Sundays and bank holidays) after the date the compliance letter was sent….


Where an arrangement has not been set at compliance stage, or the arrangement set has been broken
The charge is for a first visit with the intention of entering a signed controlled goods agreement, where items for possible removal are listed, and/or setting an arrangement.
Sale £110.00 - Charged once irrespective of number of liability orders/warrants

(An extra 7.5% can be charged for liability order(s)/warrant(s) where the total is over £1,500)
The charge is for a first attendance for the transportation of goods to a place of sale, up to completion of sale.

Goods that are subject of a signed controlled goods agreement will be removed first.

This fee can be applied on the same day as the first attendance for enforcement by an EA where the debtor refuses to pay or enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement, and the only remaining remedy is the removal of goods.

The EA must give the debtor the opportunity to pay, or enter into a controlled goods agreement, prior to any commencement of removal.
Disbursements Reasonably incurred ad hoc costs Locksmith charges, storage charges
Auctioneer Not to exceed:
  • 15% of the sum realised
  • 7.5% of the sum realised
  • 7.5% of the sum realised
Where sold at public auction

Where sold on site

Where sold via internet auction

Remember if your council tax liability order or warrant relating to parking is passed to an enforcement agency for further recovery, you should contact them immediately to minimise the enforcement fees you may be charged.