London Borough of Croydon

Our Customers Account is a service offering customers the facility to access up-to-date information online in a secure, convenient and accessible manner.

What is it?

The Customers Account allows you to access information about your housing benefit and council tax benefit online. You will also be able to access additional information such as:

  • your current entitlement
  • details showing how your entitlement was calculated
  • details of your current housing and/or council tax benefit payments
  • details of any previous housing and/or council tax benefit payments.

How will it work?

Once you have registered for the Customers Account you will be able to view details of all of your subscribed claims on the internet, at your convenience.

Will I still receive a paper notification if my benefit entitlement changes?

With the Customers Account you will still receive paper notifications via the post when your entitlement changes.

How secure are my account details?

The Customers Account incorporates a number of measures to ensure that viewing your account details is secure and your personal data is protected. These measures include:

  • government standard authentication when you register for the service
  • password protected access to your account
  • encrypted data transmission via a secure internet connection when you log on to your account, ensuring that your details are not accessible to any third party.

If you are already a registered user or would like to register for this free service, you can access the service via the Customers Account website.