London Borough of Croydon

What is happening


  • from June 2019, Croydon Council will be conducting a review of any properties which are shown on the council tax records as being empty for the past three months or more
  • the review is being carried out by a private company, Northgate, on behalf of the council.
  • all enquiries are being handled by Northgate so the associated phone numbers and contact addresses will not be within Croydon. 

Why it's happening

It is important that our records are as up to date and accurate as possible to ensure that the bills we send out to customers are correct and everyone is charged the correct amount.

How the review is being carried out

  • all properties which are shown on the council tax records as being empty for the past 3 months or more are being checked and where there appears to be a discrepancy a review form will be sent
  • there will be an online portal for customers to complete with the required information, which is quick easy and free; alternatively customers can call 020 366 09007 or they can return the form issued by post
  • customers will be given 3 weeks to respond to the first letter and if no response is received, a reminder letter will be sent
  • if there is still no response after a further 3 weeks, a property inspection will take place by Northgate’s visiting agency; it is important that an up-to-date status is recorded for every property identified as part of the review


  • from 11 June 2019 review forms will be sent out to customers, giving the opportunity to respond and either confirm their property remains empty, or give details of the occupiers so their account can be updated
  • we expect the review to be concluded by mid September 2019

What you need to do

  • if you receive a review form, complete your application via the online portal which is quick easy and free, to validate the status of your property
  • alternatively call the Northgate Review team on 020 366 09007 to validate the status of your property or complete your application and return it in the post
  • you must still reply, even if you have informed us of your circumstances recently

Making an unoccupied property fit to occupy

There are loans and grants available through the council's empty property service. Visit the reporting an empty property page to learn more.

Contacting us 

If you have any queries, call 020 3660 9007