London Borough of Croydon

Local Housing Allowance - how much we can pay for you and your family to rent your property if you are renting privately

Local housing allowance (LHA) is used to work out how much housing benefits we can pay for private tenants to rent their homes.

The amount of housing benefit/local housing allowance rate you receive is based on the number of bedrooms your household needs.

How we work out how many bedrooms your household needs

  • a bedroom for each person or couple over 16
  • a bedroom for two children under 16 of the same gender
  • a bedroom for two children under 10 regardless of gender
  • an extra room for a disabled tenant or partner who needs a non-resident overnight carer

To work out how many bedrooms your household needs please use the bedroom calculator.

We pay two different rates of local housing allowance which is based on where you live in Croydon.

Please use the LHA rates website to find the rates for your address.

If you know what area your property falls please see the maximum rates detailed below:

Outer South


 Single room (in a shared property)

 One bedroom

 Two bedroom

 Three bedroom

 Four bedroom

 Weekly rate






 Monthly rate






Inner South


 Single room (in a shared property)

 One bedroom

 Two bedroom

 Three bedroom

 Four bedroom

 Weekly rate






 Monthly rate






These rates are valid from April 2018.

Are you under 35?

If you are living alone and under 35 years old you are only entitled to the single room rate. However, certain under 35s are entitled to the one bedroom rate, these include the following:

  • if you receive the middle or highest care component of disability living allowance
  • if you need an extra bedroom for a carer who provides you with overnight care, but, doesn't normally live with you
  • if you are over 25 and have spent at least three months in a specialist hostel (or hostels) for homeless people and the main purpose of the hostel(s) was to provide accommodation, care, supervision or support to assist rehabilitation or resettlement in the community.

This only applies if you are living in a self-contained one bedroom property. If you are living in shared accommodation you will only receive the single room rate.

Did you know?

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