Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)

Your views on the proposed model for the substance misuse treatment system in Croydon

In Croydon, we are aiming to commission a treatment system that will:

  • help people to recover from dependency on drugs and alcohol
  • enable service users to reintegrate into the community

To help us do this, we are undertaking a variety of activities to understand the needs in Croydon and are asking for views on our proposals.  This will inform the structure of the drug and alcohol treatment system that we commission

Please read the Proposals in the "Downloads "section at the bottom of this page and complete the on line survey  to give us your views on these proposals.  Closing date is 6 September 2013

Drugs strategy and key aims

The two key aims of the new National Drugs Strategy are to:

  1. Reduce illicit and other harmful drug use
  2. Increase the numbers recovering from dependence

These key aims will be achieved through the following themes:

• Reducing demand
• Restricting supply
• Building recovery in communities

The strategy puts the ambition for recovery at its heart and the focus will not only be to get people into treatment, but to get them successfully sustained in full recovery.

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