Residents recycling and waste collections

Any changes to collection services will be published on our news page.

Collection dates

You can find your collection date by:

What will be collected?


Food Waste: Your food waste will be collected weekly. If you need to report a missed collection, create an online account and completed the requested information.

Textiles: Any old clothes and pairs of shoes that you are throwing out just need to be put in a bag on top of your recycling box each week.

Recycling Boxes: Put out your blue box in the same week that you put out your landfill bin. Your green box will be collected the next week.

Landfill Bin: Every other week you can put out your wheeled landfill bin for collection.  We will only collect what is contained within that bin. You can use it for household rubbish which cannot be recycled. Cold fire ash should be bagged, and no household electrical items should be placed within the bin. 

Estates and blocks of flats

Many estates and blocks of flats with more than five homes have recycling facilities installed and they can often be found in the bin sheds or near to them. Alternatively there may be a neighbourhood recycling site nearby.

Food Waste: Your food waste will be collected weekly. If you need to report a missed collection, create an online account, once created completed the requested information.

Communal recycling: Your communal recycling bin will be collected weekly or fortnightly. You can check your bin collection date online. Visit our estates and flats - what can I recycle webpage to find out more.

Landfill Bin: Some landfill bins are still collected weekly, whilst others have changed to the new fortnightly schedule. You can check your bin collection date online.

Textiles: Any old clothes and pairs of shoes that you’re throwing out can be taken to your local Household Reuse and Recycling Centres.

What can be recycled?

If you're unsure of what you can recycle or what goes where, visit our recycling collection webpages for more information.

Need a recycling box?

Order an additional or replacement box / lid online, to do this you will need to:

  • Create an online account
  • Once you’ve created your account, choose the 'order bins and boxes' option.

How to report a missed bin collection

If you have a problem with your collection, let us know by completing the online form. Start by creating an online account, then complete the required information. Or you can report a problem anonymously.

Can I have a larger wheeled bin

There are two sizes of wheeled bin available.

  • Standard wheeled bin measurements 180 litres - 105 x 48 x 73cm
  • Large wheeled bin measurements 240 litres - 105 x 58 x73cm

The council will only replace damaged or stolen bins, we will not exchange bins for smaller or larger size.            

New build and conversions will need to contact the council or purchase or hire the bins form the council, it is the responsibility of the managing agent/developer/owner to arrange delivery of containers, we would ask for a month’s notice of completion date.

The bin is the property of Croydon Council so when you move house, you must leave the bin at the property for the next resident. If it is damaged or is stolen, you can request a replacement bin by creating an online account and following the steps above.

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