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Welcome to the latest edition of Your Croydon  March 2014 - Issue 63

Highlights this month:

Fly-tippers beware – you will be caught – With residents having made plain their feelings on the environmental crime of fly-tipping, life has become a lot tougher for the criminals with the announcement of a major increase in funding to fight the problem.

Working with the community – A raft of measures to boost business, strengthen the community and improve the environment has been gathering pace in West Croydon and London Road.

Tell us about a local hero – The deadline to nominate your favourite unsung hero for a special council award is fast approaching.

Zeus cracks down on robbery – Police operation named after the Greek god of law and order results in hundreds fewer street robberies across the borough over the past year.

Building schools for Croydon’s future – With the country’s biggest school-building programme under way, the council is providing for generations of borough pupils.

Croydon Heart Town ramps up the red – Red was the colour as people across the borough rose to the challenge and chose crimson couture for charity.

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