Keeping you informed and involved

We want you to have every confidence that you know exactly how your council tax is spent. We do this in several ways - by publishing our spending each month, listing the salaries of senior staff and publishing all our plans and proposals for the borough online.

We also aim to keep you informed regularly, honestly and efficiently - ensuring you know how your money is working to help improve your borough. Want to hear more? Here's how.


The easy, fast and convenient way to get news about the council and find out what is happening near you. Sign up for free alerts on events, road closures, news, issues we want your views on - plus much more at

Your Croydon

The largest community magazine in the borough, delivered free to more than 147,000 homes every two months.

Visit the Your Croydon page where you can download the latest copy.

News releases

Read our latest news releases talking about things we are doing to make Croydon better. You can also sign up to RSS news feeds.

Consultations and customer engagements

Find out about all the consultations and customer engagements that are currently running.

Media queries and press office

Media queries are all handled through the council's press office.

We aim to handle media enquiries quickly and accurately, ensuring local and national media have the facts to ensure accurate reporting of news issues.

Tel: 020 8760 5644

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