Setting up a childcare business in Croydon

High quality childcare provision can have a significant impact on children's development, performance at school and their future life chances. If all children are to benefit, the workforce must be professional, well qualified and dedicated.

Croydon's vision for supporting children, young people and families is to ensure that any family who needs support in bringing up children will know where to turn to and be able to benefit from high quality, inclusive and accessible services.

Guidance on setting up a high quality childcare business in Croydon is available to you if you are interested in establishing a childcare business such as a nursery, pre-school, crèche, out of school club or holiday scheme, or interested in becoming a childminder or a nanny.

For a copy of the guidance please see the "downloads" section at the bottom of this page

Please also see Croydon's childcare sufficiency assessment which provides information on the supply and demand for childcare currently available in the borough, which may assist you in your market research.

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