Online council tax and business rates accounts

What is the Customers Account?

Our Customers Account is a service offering customers and businesses the facility to access up-to-date account information online in a secure, convenient and accessible manner. By registering for this service you will be able to access your council tax account(s) as well as information such as:

  • your current balance
  • which discounts, exemptions, benefits and reliefs you may have been granted
  • the payments you have made and the instalments that remain for the year.

How will it work?

Once you have registered for the Customers Account you will be able to view details of all of your subscribed accounts on the internet at your convenience. If there are any changes to your account, for example, if you are sent a new bill or have had a new discount applied, we will notify you by email that a change has taken place.

Please note: if you are jointly and severally liable for council tax, you will need to secure the agreement of the other taxpayer(s) before you register for online billing.

Will I still receive a paper bill?

If you register for the Customers Account you will be opting out of receiving your bill in paper format as the service is fully electronic.

When you register for the Customers Account we will send a letter giving your secure pin number. This letter will be addressed to the person whose name first appears on the council tax account.

How secure are my account details?

The Customers Account incorporates a number of measures to ensure that viewing your account details is secure and your personal data is protected. These measures include:

  • government-standard authentication when you register for the service
  • password-protected access to your account
  • encrypted data transmission via a secure internet connection when you log on to your account, ensuring that your details are not accessible to any third party.

If you would like to register for this free service please visit the Customers Account website.

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