How we work out your housing benefit and/or council tax support

Income is any money that you or your partner receive. We also need to see income for other members of your household.

Income includes:

  • wages
  • benefit payments
  • maintenance payments
  • money from friends
  • pensions and pension credits
  • money from boarders
  • self employed earnings
  • bonuses and tips.

This list does not include every income. You must advise us of any income that you (or your partner) receive.

We need to see original proof of all your income. If you do not supply all of the information we need, we cannot pay your benefit. The quicker you provide evidence of your income, the quicker you will receive your benefit.

If you are self-employed, please provide your trading accounts for the last financial year. If you do not have these, please complete the self-employed earnings form below.

If you have just started work or do not have any payslips please complete the certificate of earned income form below.

Please send completed forms to, Benefits Section, 15th floor Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 1BQ.

Contact Details

Council Tax & Housing Benefit
Telephone 020 8726 7000
Fax 020 8667 8440
Address Housing Benefit Section
London Borough of Croydon
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