London Borough of Croydon

The videos below were created by Croydon school children in order to raise awareness of Road Safety. The short videos are intended to use within classrooms or assemblies - if you’re a parent please feel free to watch these with your children at home.

If your school has Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs), they should create their own presentation based around one of the videos themes to either be delivered in each classroom, or in assemblies.

If your school does not have JTAs, a teacher can use these videos as part of an assembly. If you want to recruit JTAs, please contact Lewis Campbell.


Atwood film

Ridgeway film

Selsdon film

Castle Hill film

St Aidans film

Cypress film

Woodside film

Heavers farm film

Regina Coeli film

Keston film


Lewis Campbell

Job Title: 
School road safety and travel plan officer
020 8726 6000 ext. 62013

Michelle Gayle

Job Title: 
Road Safety Officer
020 8726 6000 ext 62512