London Borough of Croydon

Comparison of traffic volumes before and after new traffic restrictions in Addiscombe Court Road and Canning Road.  

For many years, residents of Lebanon Road complained about large volumes of through-traffic using their road. As a heavily parked and narrow road with few passing spaces, residents felt that the road should be changed to a one-way street. In January 2016 the council made Lebanon Road one-way southbound. 

The one-way working in Lebanon Road resolved the issues, but residents then report that traffic had moved to Addiscombe Court Road.  In 2017, the southern end of Addiscombe Court Road was made one-way southbound and entry into the adjacent Canning Road was also restricted from Addiscombe Road. These restrictions helped manage the shift of traffic which had occurred Lebanon Road was made one-way.

Traffic volume measurements have been made across roads in the area, and the report can be downloaded below.  Of particular importance is the effect which has occurred in Elgin Road, Havelock Road, Outram Road and Ashburton Road.


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