London Borough of Croydon

Information for applicants wishing to put up posters or banners in Croydon

You can apply for permission to put up posters or banners to advertise your event along the road or pavement.

Common examples of posters and banners that are usually permitted as part of this temporary advertising are (This list is not exclusive) :

  • Charity events
  • Community events
  • Church and school events
  • Local festivals/cultural enrichment days.

Examples of where this type of temporary advertising would not be permitted are those for commercial enterprises, or advertising purely for economic gain. (Again this is not exclusive)

Private enterprises wishing to advertise in the Borough are advised to use private advertising companies, social media and other media channels.

How to apply

All Applicants must apply in writing and send this to and

Applicants must provide at least 4 weeks’ notice of any event and provide the following:

  1.  Organiser details
  2. Venue for the event
  3. A list of locations that they intend to advertise at (maximum of 5 locations & 1 banner. – exceptions over this limit are considered on a case by case basis).
  4. A description of the event
  5. A copy of the posters / banner artwork
  6. (Any 3rd party advertising on event posters must not take up anything more than a quarter of the poster)

If an application is approved you will be given a reference number, which should then be written onto the back of each poster/banner displayed.
The following conditions must be adhered to:

  • They must not be attached to traffic lights or street lighting columns
  • All advertisements must be securely attached using robust cable ties. It will be the responsibility of the organiser to ensure the advertisements remains securely tied at all times. Any that are observed to be loose or at risk of falling off (e.g. hanging by one cable tie) will be removed immediately.
  • Pedestrian Crossings – if a location is a crossing then the advertisements must be placed as far away from the crossing as possible.
  • Locations outside Croydon boundary require consent from that Borough. You will need to contact the relevant borough’s Planning Authority., we will not do this for you.
  • Locations not managed by Croydon Council require permission from the owner/occupier.
  • Signs attached to highway railings must have no sharp edges or corners protruding. 
  • Signs must not obscure visibility for pedestrians or drivers. Any sign deemed hazardous will be removed immediately.
  • If railings are removed at any time then the location ceases.
  • The list of locations and conditions may be revised at any time.

List of locations

You can view a list of current locations in the "downloads" section below


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