London Borough of Croydon

In order to continuously improve our services, we conduct a biannual customer satisfaction survey. In September 2013 we surveyed 666 recent customers regarding our wide range of services.

The results of this survey will be used to further improve the way we communicate with members of the public and to improve all aspects of our service.

Parking Services is committed to balancing the parking needs of all stakeholders including residents, businesses and visitors in the borough. The service is tasked with a number of functions including:

  • enforcing parking contraventions
  • providing a shopmobility service
  • an abandoned vehicle service
  • car parks
  • temporary and permanent traffic management orders
  • suspensions and dispensations
  • parking permits
  • parking design
  • Blue Badge fraud.

The above services affect all community and customer groups and we continually aim to provide services in line with our customers needs and expectations. Croydon is a unique local authority in terms of its demographics, geographic position and size as well as customers that it serves through the various functions provided by Parking Services.

The results were as follows:

  • 86% of our customers were satisfied with the service provided by Parking Services.