London Borough of Croydon

PN195 - To introduce 'pay & display' parking bays, limited time disabled bays and loading bays - Central Parade, New Addington

PN215 - Amendment to weight restrictions - Blackhorse Lane, Coombe Lane, Higher Drive, Goat House Bridge, Spring Lane Bridge, Tennison Road Bridge and Woodcote Grove Road

PN33 - Introduction of off-street car parking within Tamworth Road Housing Estate, Croydon (plus report)

PN44 - Introduction of exemption for pedal cycles to existing no entry and one-way restrictions - North End, Croydon - experimental Traffic Order 2015

PN45 - Introduction of waiting restrictions - Coulsdon Farm and Gilbert Court Access Road off Lion Green Road, Coulsdon (plus plan)

PN88 - Waiting restrictions and parking bay changes - Quietways scheme (Whitehorse Road, Brigstock Road, Brook Road/Melfort Road, Pawsons Road, Sydenham Road, Sydenham Road/Dingwall Road

PN108 - London Road public realm improvement scheme proposal (plan 1, plan 2, plan 3 and plan 4)

PN126 - One-way working and cycle contra-flows - Beverstone Road and Maplethorpe Road - proposal (plus plan)

PN171 Various parking bays - Clarendon Road etc. - proposal notice (Castle Hill AvenueClarendon Road and Parker Road)

PN172 Various parking bays - Aberdeen Road etc. - proposal notice (Aberdeen Road, Fernwood and Station Approach Road)

PN182 One-way working and cycle contraflows - Bedford Park and Poplar Walk - proposal notice (Existing layout Bedford Park, Proposed layout Bedford Park, Existing layout Poplar Walk and Proposed layout Poplar Walk)

PN188 Experimental extension to parking controls - Fairholme Road and Midhurst Avenue - made notice (plan)

PN189 20 mph area - North Croydon - proposal notice (20mph survey locations)

PN224 - Central Parade New Addington - various parking bays - proposal amended (drawing)