London Borough of Croydon

Permanent traffic orders for 30 May 2018

PN50 - Waiting Restrictions at various locations in Croydon (DA April 18 Cross Road)

PN51 - Roman Way, Croydon – Vehicle holding areas – Building development works in the Croydon Growth Zone

Permanent traffic orders for 23 May 2018

PN39 - Disabled Person Parking Places – Schedule 194

PN40 - Disabled Persons Parking Places – Schedule 196

PN41 - Extension of the Croydon (East Outer Area) Controlled Parking Zone – Exeter Road Area

PN42 - Extension to the Croydon North Controlled Parking Zone – Princess Road Area

Permanent traffic orders for 16 May 2018

PN30 - Proposed Introduction of waiting restrictions in Pawsons Road, Croydon

Permanent traffic orders for 9 May 2018

PN24 - Proposed Introduction of waiting restriction in various locations in Croydon

PN25 - Zebra Crossing in St. James’s Road and Warham Road, Croydon

Permanent traffic orders for 2 May 2018

PN17 - Controlled Parking Zones – Cecil Road Area – Aurelia Road (Nos. 1-79) and Cecil Road

PN18 - Extension to the Croydon South Norwood Controlled Parking Zone – Denmark Road Area – Alfred Road (between Holland Rd and Enmore Ave), Denmark Road and Enmore Avenue

PN19 - Stopping up Order – Poplar Walk, Croydon


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