London Borough of Croydon

The Whitgift Centre is one of the most well-known attractions of Croydon Town Centre, found between Poplar Walk, George Street, North End and Wellesley Road. 

There has been a limited amount of coordinated investment in the area since the early 1990s. As a result, much of the retail areas are tired and don't meet the needs of modern shoppers and occupiers. Over the past few years the council has been encouraging the redevelopment and refurbishment of this area in a comprehensive way which will complement the rest of the town centre.

Planning permission

October 2016

The council received a new planning application in October 2016 which included Green Park House, Marks & Spencer and the street frontage along North End. Details can be found on the Croydon Partnership website.

Key features of the plan

  • 136,500 square metres of retail space, including a new quality department store at the southern end of the site and a range of smaller modern units
  • 16,400 square metres of leisure facilities which may include a cinema and bowling centre
  • 1,100 square metres of community facilities, which could include a Crèche, skills centre for training and employment, a multi-faith prayer room and Shopmobility unit
  • 1,900 square metres of office space
  • 400 to 600 residential homes, including affordable housing overlooking Wellesley Road.

The plan will also improve the town centre, with a new 24 hour East West route, improvements to public safety and the public realm and improved town centre parking.

The plan makes a major contribution to the council's vision for the town centre and acts as a catalyst for regeneration.

Other improvements

Planning permission has been granted for improved and expanded access to the area from North End at Chapel Walk.

Croydon Partnership

In January 2013 Westfield and Hammerson formed a partnership known as 'Croydon Partnership' to negotiate the acquisition of all the necessary land and interests in the development site. More information can be found at