London Borough of Croydon

Croydon High Street

As part of a 12-month pilot to improve footfall across the town centre and boost the evening and night-time economy, High Street, Croydon has been closed to all vehicles including buses and taxis between Park Street and Katharine Street to create a new public space.

The High Street is being transformed into a vibrant public space with seating, ground art and a series of light sculptures, which will be used for a range of events, activities and performances starting late spring 2018.

To allow this to happen, the following changes have been made in the area:

  • All buses that used to travel along the north end of High Street will instead travel via St George’s Walk and Katharine Street to reach the south end of High Street.
  • The taxi rank on High Street has been relocated to Park Street, and the two bus stops at the west end of Park Street have been relocated further along Park Street. 

Croydon High Street - seating

A new, modern seating structure was the first in a series of exciting works to turn the area into a space for people instead of vehicles.

Croydon High Street - floor art

Two new pieces of ground art have been installed at the junctions of High Street and Park Street and High Street and Katherine Street, framing both ends of the pedestrianised area.

Designed by local artist and Croydon School of Art graduate Adam Halliday, the artwork uses bold and distinctive imagery to highlight and celebrate features of the borough’s unique skyline.

Lighting trail – St George’s Walk and High Street

An interactive sensory lighting trail is set to be suspended above High Street and St George’s Walk in the coming weeks. Designed by artist collective, Universal Assembly Unit (UAU) the lights will respond to movement underneath it and enable better wayfinding to businesses and the town centre.

Artists' impression of St George's walk  
Artist’s impression of St George’s Walk

These projects are part of a £500m investment supported by a partnership between the council, central Government, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London to regenerate our growing town centre, ensuring it continues to be a place where people what to live, work and enjoy.

For more details on the bus changes please see TfL’s web page.

For further information on Croydon High Street improvements works, contact: Paul Forrester, programme manager