London Borough of Croydon

Local plan evidence by topic services & information

  • Homes

    The supporting evidence on homes for the Croydon local plan.

  • Urban Design, Local Character and Heritage

    The analysis of the borough’s character, local heritage, landmarks and views that supports the Croydon local plan.

  • Climate change

    The supporting evidence on energy, carbon dioxide reduction, flooding and water management for the Croydon local plan.

  • Economy and employment

    The evidence on Croydon's local economy and employment that supports the Croydon local plan.

  • Nature & open space

    The evidence of Croydon’s biodiversity, green infrastructure and open spaces that support the Croydon local plan.

  • Viability

    Evidence regarding Croydon local plan viability.

  • Transport and communication

    Supporting evidence on Croydon’s transport infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure Delivery Plan

    The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) identifies the borough's infrastructure requirements including social, physical and green infrastructure.

  • Community facilities and education

    The supporting evidence on community facilities and education for the Croydon local plan.

  • Places of Croydon

    Detailed evidence on the natural growth of the suburbs and the allocation of specific sites for development in the sixteen Places of Croydon.