London Borough of Croydon

Occasionally it will be necessary for the Inspector to write to the Council to seek clarification or provide procedural direction. Correspondence between the Inspector and the Council is exchanged through the Programme Officer. For transparency and information purposes the correspondence is published below.

For easier navigation through the Inspector’s questions and the Council’s response, please see below document.

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Discussion papers

D1 Local Green Space

D1.1- Local Green Space

D2 Allocations within the Green Belt and MOL

D2.1- Allocations within the Green Belt and MOL











D5 - From Inspector


D7- Betting shops and sui

Council's Response to D1

Council's Response to D2 Allocations within the Green Belt and MOL and t...

Council's Response to D2.1-Allocations within the Green Belt and MOL Council's Response to D3.2

Council's Response to D3.3

Council's Response to D3.5

Council's Response to D3.6

Council's Response to D3.7

Council's Response to D3.8

Council's Response to D3

Council's Response to D6

Council's Response to D7- Betting shops and sui

Inspector’s documents

ID-1 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-2 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-3 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-4 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-5 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-6 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-7 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-8 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-9 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-10 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-11 Introductory Guidelines

ID-12 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-13 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-14 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-15 Inspector Questions to Representors 01272 and 09604

ID-16 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-17 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-18 Inspector Questions to the Council

ID-19 Matters and Issues at 3.4.17

ID-20  Draft Programme at 3.4.17

ID-21-A Final Agenda (1) Procedural matters

ID-21-B Final Agenda (2) Needs and requirements

ID-21-C Final Agenda (3) Land availability and Housing provision

ID-21-D Final Agenda (4) Land availability; Garden land

ID-21-E Final Agenda (5) Housing supply; Opportunity Area

ID-21-F Final Agenda (6) Housing supply; district centres (002)

ID-21-G Final Agenda (7) Housing supply; focussed intensification

ID-21-H Final Agenda (8) Green Grid review

ID-21-I Final Agenda (9) affordable Housing

ID-21-J Final Agenda (10) Dwelling Mix

ID-21-K Final Agenda (11) Housing quality and standards

ID-21-L Final Agenda (12) Gypsies and travellers

ID-21-M Final Agenda (13) Employment and Centres

ID-21-N Not Used

ID-21-O Final Agenda (14) Tall Buildings

ID-21-P Final Agenda (15) Local Heritage Areas

ID-21-Q Final Agenda (16) Community Facilities and Education

ID-21-R Final Agenda (17) Sustainable Design and Construction

ID-21-S Final Agenda (18) Transport and Parking

ID-21-T Final Agenda (19) Other sites

ID-22 Hearing Sessions Advice

ID-23 Q116 to the Council

ID-24 Q117 to the Council

ID-25 Q118 to the Council Local Green Space observations

ID-26 Inspector Question 119 to The Council

ID-27 Inspector Question 120 to The Council

ID-28 Inspector Question 121 to The Council

ID-29 Inspector Question 122 to The Council

ID-30 Inspector Question 123 to The Council

ID-31 Inspector Question 124 to The Council

ID-32 Inspector Question 125 to The Council

ID-33 Inspector Question 126 to The Council

ID-34 Inspector Question 127 to The Council

ID-35 Inspector Question 128 to The Council

ID-36 Inspector Question 129 to The Council

ID-37 Inspector Question 130 to The Council

ID-40 Inspector Questions 131 and 132

Council documents

LBC-PR-001 Council Response to the Inspector's Question ID-1

LBC-PR-001A Mayor's response to Croydon 17Oct16

LBC-PR-002 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-2

LBC-PR-010 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-3

LBC-PR-011 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-4

LBC-PR-015 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-5

LBC-PR-003 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-6

LBC-PR-004 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-7

LBC-PR-005 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-8

LBC-PR-006 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-9

LBC-PR-007 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-10

LBC-PR-008 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-12

LBC-PR-012 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-13

LBC-PR-013 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-14

LBC-PR-014 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-16

LBC-PR-009 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-17

LBC-PR-016 Council Response to the Inspector's Questions ID-18

LBC-PR-017 Council's Statement Session 1

LBC-PR-018 Session 2 Examination Statement

LBC-PR-019 Session 3 Land availability and Housing provision

LBC-PR-020 Session 4 Land availability - Garden land

LBC-PR-021 Session 5 Housing supply; Opportunity Area

LBC-PR-022 Session 6 Housing supply; district centres

LBC-PR-023 Session 7 Focussed Intensification

LBC-PR-024 Session 8 Green Grid review

LBC-PR-026 Session 10 Dwelling Mix

LBC-PR-025 Session 9 Affordable Housing

LBC-PR-027 Session 11 Housing Quality and Standards

LBC-PR-028 Croydon Council response to ID-23

LBC-PR-029 Session 12 Examination Statement - London Borough of Croydon

LBC-PR-029- Appendix A- Purley Oaks Travellers Site Noise Assessment

LBC-PR-031-SOCG1 Statement of Common Ground UBS Global Asset Management SIGNED

LBC-PR-032-SOCG2 Statement of Common Ground - Kennedy Wilson Europe

LBC-PR-033- Session 14 Tall Buildings

LBC-PR-034 Session 15 Views and Local Heritage Areas

LBC-PR-035 Session 16 Community Facilities and Education

LBC-PR-036- Session 17 sustainable design and construction

LBC-PR-037- Session 18 Transport and Parking

LBC-PR-030 Session 13 Employment and Metropolitan, District, Neighbourhood and Local Centres

LBC-PR-038- Session 19 Other sites

LBC-PR-039 Councillor Butler's Opening Statement Croydon Local Plan

LBC-PR-040- ICENI-Statement of Common Ground UK Land Assets

LBC-PR-042 Housing Trajectory for CLP1 (May 2017)

LBC-PR-043 Housing Trajectory 15-16

LBC-PR-044 Five year supply of housing land (Sept 2016)

LBC-PR-045 Response to Martin Robeson - Site 142 - 1 Lansdowne Road

LBC-PR-041 Statement of Common Ground (Shirley Oaks Village Residents Association)_signed copy

LBC-PR-046 Croydon Council response to ID-25 Q118

LBC-PR-047 Statement of Common Ground Peer Securities Ltd (003)

LBC-PR-048 School Place Planning Croydon  - Jan 2017

LBC-PR-049 Green Belt School Allocations and relationship with the NPPF

LBC-PR-050 Purley Oaks Depot Pond Additional Information

LBC-PR-051 Sites IMD Percentage Clarification

LBC-PR-052 Croydon Local Plan Strategic Policies Partial Review Scope Hearing Response

LBC-PR-053 Croydon Council response to ID-28

LBC-PR-054 Croydon Council response to ID-29

LBC-PR-055 Council's response to ID-30

LBC-PR-056 Sustainability Appraisal Representation Response

LBC-PR-057 Appendix A SOCG with Philippa Toogood Green Belt extension Tollers Lane June 2017

LBC-PR-057 Statement of Common Ground Mrs Toogood Confirmation of Agreement

LBC-PR-058 London Borough of Croydon's response to Q117 ID-24

LBC-PR-059 Council's Response to Q124 ID-30

LBC-PR-060 London Borough of Croydon Proposed Changes to SP3.13

LBC-PR-061 Croydon Level 2 SFRA addendum final

LBC-PR-062 Appendix A1 - Statement of Common Ground - Croydon College (Site 16)

LBC-PR-062 Appendix A2 - Detailed Supply and demand

LBC-PR-062 Heath Clark Statement of Common Ground

LBC-PR-063 Note on HMOs - demand and concentration

LBC-PR-064 Putting policy exceptions in the supporting text rather than the policy

LBC-PR-065 ID26 Q119 Council's Response

LBC-PR-066 Croydon Council response to ID-32

LBC-PR-067 RRR Consultancy Croydon GTANA Statement June 2017

LBC-PR-068 Statement of Common Ground Hyde Housing Association (Bidwells)_Redacted

LBC-PR-069 - 170702 JCLB105-001 PEA Land at Kent Gate Way

LBC-PR-069- Appendix A 170702 JCLB106-001 PEA Shirley Allotments and Leisure Gardens

LBC-PR-070 Consolidated list of changes to Croydon Local Plan proposed post submission

LBC-PR-071 Statement of Common Ground UBS Global Asset Management TP Signed_Redacted

LBC-PR-072 Council's Response to ID-36

LBC-PR-073 Council's Response to ID33 Q126

LBC-PR-074 2011 to Present housing approvals final

LBC-PR-075 Croydon Council response to ID-34

LBC-PR-076 Councils Response to ID-35 Inspector Question 128

LBC-PR-077-APP B-170714 JCLB106-001-001-002 Shirley Allotments SINC appr...

LBC-PR-077-APP A-170713 JCLB105-001-001-002 Kent Gateway SINC assessment...

LBC-PR-077-APP B-170714 JCLB106-001-001-002 Shirley Allotments SINC appr...

LBC-PR-078 Council response to ID-40 Inspector Questions 131 and 132

LBC-PR-79 LBC's response to GLA's MM Rep (Coombe Road Playing Fields)

Programme Officer documents

PO-001 Introductory Letter

Representor Documents

REP-01272 Response to Q109 ID-15

REP-090604 Response to Q109 ID-15

REP-01272-001 Response to Q109 ID-15

REP-02764-001 Evidence to Program Officer Ref MORA 8-10 The Glade objection Ref 17-00262-FUL

REP-090604-001 Response to Q109 ID-15

REP-09702-001 Session 13 DM7, 9 and 17 (09702 KFC (GB) Limited) with Appendices

REP-01610-001 Local Plan Sean Creighton submission

REP-01610-002 Community Safety Strategy 2017-2020

REP-01610-003 Detailed Policies note to Jason Perry

REP-01610-004 Devolution to local communities

REP-01610-005 Railway Car Lot Appeal Decision

REP000690099409450001 Save Purley Pool Insp's Visit 2017-Site 30

REP000690099409450002 Save Purley Pool Insp's Visit 2017-Existing Public Car Parks

REP-02691-001-170511 Bidwells Final Representations to Inspectors Questions as submitted PDF

REP-02161-001 Site 142 - One Lansdowne Road and Extract

REP-01610-006 Sessions 1-6 Sean Creighton representations

REP-01669-001 HBF-Table of London Borough housing targets

REP-01669-002-HBF- Hounslow Local Plan Inspectors Report - 2015

REP-01610-009 Sean Creighton Note re Council Suggested Modification

REP-01610-008 Note to Council Follow up to Sessions 1-6

REP-01610-007 -Sean Creighton- 3143962 Decision

REP-02174-001 Mike Fuller

REP-02851-001 Note to Inspector

REP-02851-001-App1 Appendix CrBII27 Shirley Triangle (1)


REP-01682-001  London Plan MOL Criteria A

REP-01682-002 A New Voice For Walking in London - The Ramblers Greater London Forum

REP-01682-003 Section 52 LBC and Heron Homes

REP-01682-004 Letter from Croydon Synagogue re Shirley Oaks Open Land

REP-01682-005 LBC Definitive Map of Public Rights of TQ36NE

REP-01610-011-APP1 Schools 14 July Cabinet

REP-01610-010 Planning application 2012-16 foi REPLY

REP-01610-011 Are we being misled over Croydon

REP-01610-012 Academices FOI (3)

REP-01610-013-A Brick by Brick sites (2)

REP-01610-013-B Residential increases in Norbury

REP-01610-013-C Housing Stats for Session 9

REP-02161-002 Notes relating to Croydon Local Plan Examination - Session 9 - Affordable Housing

REP-03203-001 Note To The Inspector relating to Session 12

REP-03203-001 Appendix A- pop size and growth rate

REP-03203-001 - Appendix B-SOC20161101_07_03_Appendices (1)

REP-00203-001 -Parking spaces Local Plan

REP-00203-002- Number of people risking their lives on the railway hits 10

REP-00203-003-2 reports by McCarthy and Stone

REP-02174-002 Note from Michael Fuller RE; New Addington

REP-02174-002-Appendix A -JT  partners meetings

REP-02174-002-Appendix B- Suggested changes to registered Town Green

REP-00685-001 London Gypsies and Travellers Croydon Local Plan Examination Statement

REP-04205-001 Mr and Mrs Tenten Further Statement handed in Session

REP-09923-001 Appendix A-Annotated photos

REP-09923-001-Annotated intensification area DM35.4 session 6

REP-02622-001 170508 Examination Statement Final

REP-02622-002 Appendix 1 - Education Need

REP-02622-003 Appendix 2 - Highways

REP-00903-001- Letter to Inspector 30.05.2017

REP-00903-001-Appendix A-2799-P-200_Proposed Site Plan-A

REP-00903-001-Appendix B- 6547_LD_PLN_030_Landscape Masterplan_B

REP-00069-00994-09450-004- Summary of Community Facilities

REP-00203-004- Dutch Village

REP-02174-003- Summary of Hearing Session

REP-02764-002- Steve O'Connell Assembly Member

REP-02764-003- Session 4 - Garden Development MORA Comment Assessment (Inspector)

REP-02764-004- Session 7 - Intensification MORA Evidence and comments (Inspector)

REP-02764-005- Session 11 - Housing Quality Standards MORA Evidence and Comments (Inspector)

REP-02764-006- Session 18 - Car Parking Standards MORA evidence and comments (Inspector)

REP-09611-001- AWSLG Further Statement

REP-09923-002- Document 2 for Inspector 2017

REP-01610-014 Notes re-week 22 May Sessions 7-13

REP-01610-015 Session 14-18 Notes by Sean Creighton

REP-01610-016 Why the Local Plan should be rejected Sean Creighton with Appendix

REP-01610-017 Norbury Analysis Rev 1

REP-01610-017-APP1 Norbury Analysis Photos 1

REP-01610-017-APP2 Norbury Analysis Photos 2

REP-00069-00994-09450-003- Summary A Policy for Existing Public Car Parks

REP-02161-003 NT20170530 LP Examination Transport

REP-02161-004 Whitgift Centre Planning Application Tramlink Measure Priorities Cost 14 Oct 2013

REP-01610-018 PrivateSector Licences in Norbury

REP-02622-004- 170626 Areas of Dispute - Iceni Croydon College

REP-02622-004 Appendix A- Housing Trajectory

REP-02622-004 Appendix B

REP-02622-004-Appendix C - Letter from Edenham Principal

REP-09700-001 Gilkinson Holdings Land at Poppy Lane, Croydon DAA Preliminary Ecology Appraisal June 17

REP-02608-001 Folio Education Trust Site 662 Coombe Wood Playing Fields

REP-01610-019 Sean Creighton's Response to LBC-PR-056

REP-01610-019-APP A- Sustainability Review Submission - Sean Creighton -...

REP-01610-020 HMOS response to LBC-PR-063 Sean Creighton

REP-01610-020-APP A-Tenancy-Strategy

REP-01610-020-APP B-FOI Housing Tenure

REP-01610-021 Paper 5 JPC 10 July HMOs - Jane's note

REP-01610-021-APP A-HMO FOI July 2017

REP-09809-002- APP A- Mandatory HMO licence register (1)

REP-09809-002 Norman Cooper Response to HMO's

REP-02942-001- let.006..AR Coombe Farm - Site Submission Representations... Redacted

REP-02942-002- 170524 SK01

REP-02942-003- 170524 SK02

REP-02942-004- 170524 SK03

REP-02942-005- 170524 SK05

REP-02942-006- 170524 SK04

REP-02942-007- 170524 SK06

REP-07835-001 Letter to the Inspector_SarahSchubert