London Borough of Croydon

As identified in the council’s adopted Local Development Scheme, the Croydon Local Plan 2018 is due for a partial review.  This review is underway and due to be adopted in early 2022.

The main reasons for the partial review are:

  • the emerging new London Plan (in particular the significantly increased housing number);
  • the requirement to review Local Plans within five years of the adoption of the last local plan; and 
  • monitoring the outcome of the Croydon Local Plan 2018.

The overarching stages of the partial review are:

  • Local plan - adopted February 2018 
  • Local plan review - commences early 2019
  • Preferred and alternative options - public consultation Autumn 2019
  • Preferred option - public consultation Autumn 2020
  • Examination in public - Spring 2021
  • Adoption - early 2022

Current status of the partial review

The partial review is currently at the very early stages.

Call for Evidence (local green spaces)

The Call for Evidence on Local Green Spaces is now closed, thank you for taking part. The submissions made are being reviewed and will be part of the Preferred and Alternative Options consultation in the autumn.

Call for Sites (development)

The Call for Sites is now closed and the submissions made are being reviewed. Only appropriate and deliverable sites will be taken forward to the Preferred and Alternative Options consultation and be considered as part of the Local Plan Review. 

If you have any queries regarding the Local Plan Review contact us – or 020 8407 1385 

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