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The council has commenced the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies - Partial Review to reflect the revised London Plan (March 2016), which has increased Croydon’s housing requirements and the need to review 'Tier 2' strategic employment locations. The Partial Review includes updated evidence on employment policies, community facilities and a move from Local Areas of Special Character to Local Heritage Areas. Read more about what the Local Plan is and why the council is reviewing some existing designations.

Croydon local plan: strategic policies – partial review (proposed submission) 

The Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (Proposed Submission) can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, it is accompanied by a draft Policies Map which can be viewed here.

The proposed submission plan is the final version of the Local Plan that the local authority considers is ready to submit for examination by an independent planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.  The plan and supporting documents were published by the council for representations which provided the local community and other interested parties with a formal opportunity to consider the final version of Local Plan. Representations were able to be made between 5 September and 17 October 2016.  Any representation received before 5 September or after 17 October was not accepted by the council as valid and will not be considered by the planning inspector at examination. In addition to this to be valid the representations must have:

  • Included a name and either an e-mail or postal address all of which was legible;
  • Not contained offensive or racist language; and
  • Been related to either a marked change in any part of the draft Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (Proposed Submission) (including those parts of the Policies Map where, in the key, it relates to a policy prefixed with an SP (e.g. SP4 or SP7) if the change is listed as a proposed change to the draft Policies Map in the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review document).

All valid representations will be considered by the independent planning inspector at examination. The independent inspector’s role during examination is to assess whether the plan has been prepared in accordance with the Duty to Cooperate, legal and procedural requirements, and whether it is sound. This is determined by the following four statements that the plan must be:

  • Positively prepared – the plan should be prepared based on a strategy which seeks to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure requirements, including unmet requirements from neighbouring authorities where it is reasonable to do so and consistent with achieving sustainable development.
  • Justified – the plan should be the most appropriate strategy, when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence.
  • Effective – the plan should be deliverable over its period based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic priorities.
  • Consistent with national policy – the plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework.

What happens next?

The Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (Proposed Submission was approved at full Council 5 December 2016 and was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State on 3 February 2017. The Secretary of State has appointed Inspector Paul Clark BA MA MRTPI to conduct an independent examination of the Croydon Local Plan.

The Summary of the Representations that were duly made were published on the council’s website at the end of January.  The council will only include a response to a representation if we are planning to make a change to the Local Plan and have included this as a main modification with the submission of the Local Plan. It is for the appointed Planning Inspector as the independent examiner of the Local Plan to determine those matters raised by representations where the Council has stated ‘no change’

The council has appointed Chris Banks as a Programme Officer who will ensure that all those who indicated they wished to be notified of the Submission for independent examination are notified when the Local Plans are submitted.  Once the dates for the Hearing Sessions in public (the oral examination) are confirmed by Inspector Paul Clark they will be published six weeks in advance on this webpage. The Hearing sessions are likely to take place in late spring 2017.  The Programme Officer will contact all who indicated in their representations that they wished to participate in the oral examination and a programme for the Hearing Sessions will be published. The sessions will be open to the public but only those invited to make a verbal representation by the Planning Inspector may speak.

Programme Officer’s Contact Details:

Chris Banks
C/O Banks Solutions
64 Lavinia Way
East Preston
West Sussex
BN16 1EF

Tel: 07817 322750 or 01903 783722

After the Hearing sessions for the Local Plan the Planning Inspector then produces their report, either recommending adoption, or some modifications prior to adoption or withdrawal of the Local Plan. This can take a number of months and the overall process of the Examination from the date of submission can take up to a year.

The council has processed all representations and will acknowledge all representations, both those duly and not duly made in due course. All representations will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate in their original format and in full, as part of the Submission of the Croydon Local Plan in 2017.  The duly made representations in full, with your name/company name and comments submitted to us, will be made available to view online. This is likely to be in March 2017. Please note that the council will not publish addresses (either postal or email). 

Read all information on the Examination.

Sustainability appraisal

Visit the sustainability appraisal webpage for more information.


Evidence supporting the strategic policies-partial review (preferred and alternative options) can be found in the relevant topics via our local plan evidence by topic web page.


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