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The Council has undertaken a partial review of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies  to reflect the revised London Plan (March 2016), which increased Croydon’s housing requirements and the need to review 'Tier 2' strategic employment locations. The Partial Review includes updated evidence on employment policies, community facilities and a move from Local Areas of Special Character to Local Heritage Areas. Read more about what the Local Plan is and why the council is reviewing some existing designations.

A Secretary of State appointed Planning Inspector, has examined the Partial Review of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies. He concluded his examination in January 2018. The Planning Inspector has found the Partial Review sound subject to a number of main modifications being made to it. His full report can be found in the downloads section of this page.

The Partial Review of the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies, as submitted and examined by the Planning Inspector can be found in the downloads section of this page. It should be read in conjunction with the Inspector’s Report as the Inspector has recommended changes to the Plan, which have to be made for it to be formally adopted. The Plan is accompanied by a draft Policies Map which can be viewed here. This is also subject to modification and should be viewed in conjunction with the Inspector’s Report. Upon adoption of the Croydon Local Plan the Council will publish a revised Policies Map incorporating all of the Inspector’s changes.  

What happens next?

The Council aims to adopt the Local Plan in early 2018.

The Examination

Details of the examination and all associated documents (including documents that were previously on this page) can be found on the Locla Plan Examination page. Visit the Examination webpage for more information.

Sustainability appraisal

A sustainability appraisal has also been undertaken on the Croydon Local Plan. Visit the sustainability appraisal webpage for more information


Evidence supporting the Croydon Local Plan can be found in the relevant topics via our local plan evidence by topic web page.


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