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To find out if a property is located within a local area of special character, please use the search options on the Croydon interactive map

There are many older areas of the borough which, although unlikely to meet the criteria for designation as conservation areas, possess sufficient architectural, townscape and environmental quality to make them of significant local value.

A local area of special character will normally have to meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • an area or group of buildings possessing an overall character with identifiable or distinctive features (e.g. details, decoration and materials) that are worthy of preservation
  • an area or group of buildings which can be considered as a good and well preserved example of a particular style of architecture
  • an area or group of buildings of particular character, built as a single development over a short period of time
  • an area or group of buildings representative of a good example of a particular style or age of housing
  • an urban area that is distinguished by the quality or extent of its landscape
  • an area that is distinguished from the surrounding area by the planned layout of its road pattern combined with a consistent style of architecture

These criteria differ from conservation area selection criteria in that they recognise particularly good examples of more familiar types of development as opposed to the more outstanding quality required for conservation area designation.

The council has designated 39 local areas of special character, which are listed below and shown on the proposals map:

  • Beatrice Avenue
  • 10-49 Bingham Road
  • Birdhurst Road*
  • Bishop’s Walk
  • Brighton Road (Purley)*
  • Campden Road and Spencer Road
  • Cheston Avenue
  • Chipstead Valley Road 59-127
  • Court Avenue
  • Covington Way 157-187
  • Dornton Road
  • Ecclesbourne Road
  • Epsom Road*
  • Foxley Lane, & Smitham Bottom Lane
  • Hartley Farm Area
  • Henderson Road
  • Huntly Road and Sangley Road
  • Ingatestone Road
  • Inglis Road area
  • Laud Street area
  • London Road (Broad Green)*
  • Melfort Road 140-158 (even)
  • Melfort Road 169-205 (odds)
  • Pollards Hill South
  • Portland Road
  • Preston Road
  • South End*
  • 15-55 Stanhope Road, Park Hill
  • St. Helens Road*
  • St. Paul’s Road *
  • St. Peter’s Road
  • Station Approach (Coulsdon)
  • Stuart Crescent
  • The Netherlands and Wilhelmina Avenue
  • Upper Shirley Road
  • West Hill
  • Woodcote Estate
  • Woodcote Valley Road
  • Ye Market 1-12

Supplementary planning guidances have been produced for those areas starred*. See more information below. They are fairly large PDF files, so may take sometime to download.

Local Heritage Areas

In the future, the Local Areas of Special Character designation will shift to a new designation known as Local Heritage Areas (LHAs). A comprehensive set of designation criteria has been developed to reflect the change of status from LASC to LHA. This change ensured that the new designation aligns with the policy framework introduced by the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) and the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies with associated evidence base related to the Borough Character Appraisal (2013).

The new LHA criteria are based on that for the original LASC designation. The criteria were subject to public consultation within the Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies and Proposals (2014), which also asked for submissions for areas considered to meet the new criteria.

A full assessment of existing LASCs and new proposed areas has now been undertaken, and the outcome of this initial assessment forms an Evidence Base document to support the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies- Partial Review (Preferred and Alternative Options). This has been subject to public consultation. You can download a copy of the Local Heritage Areas Evidence Base.


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