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Only basic information is given as building control information is not publicly available. 

Complete records are only available from 2000.

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There are 3 types of application:

Building notice application

Apply and pay for a building notice application online

Building notices are aimed at domestic properties for minor building works like:

  • chimney breast removal
  • re-covering of roofs
  • installation of a new bathroom (approval is not needed for refurbishing an existing bathroom or toilet)
  • conversion of an attached garage to a habitable room
  • formation of a through lounge
  • replacing windows

You can also submit a building notice when building an extension or a new dwelling is being built. 

A full plan application must be submitted when the proposed building works involves:

  • building over or within three metres of a public sewer 
  • where the escape route of a non-domestic property will be affected

Regularisation application

Apply and pay for a regularisation application online 

Alterations or extensions done without a submitted building regulation application is deemed unauthorised. Problems are likely to occur when selling the property.

Regularisation certificates are only issued if the work began after 11 November 1985.

Supply as much information as you can to help our assessment of the work. For more information visit I didn't apply for building approval - what now.

Full plans application

This is where you submit detailed drawings showing the proposed construction. This procedure is for non-minor domestic works and commercial projects.

You will need to:

1. Call 020 8760-5637 if this you need to submit a full plan application.

2. Send a location plan if building an extension or new building, Your application will not be valid without it.

3. Provide all layout plans, cross sections, details of construction methods and materials. Calculations are needed If the work includes any of the following:

  • structural changes such as the removal of load bearing walls, 
  • formation of openings, 
  • loft conversion or installation of structural beams


Whether you need building regulations approval or not, you may still need planning permission. Read more about whether you need planning permission.


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