National Highways and Transport Survey

Take part in the National Highways and Transport Survey 2020/21.

Councils across the UK are asking residents to tell them what they think of transport and roads services in their area.

Tell us what you think

There are seven independent surveys in total - you do not have to take them all but we want know what you feel about anything affects you . Each survey will only take a few minutes of your time. We're asking for your views on:

This Information will help us to understand how you feel about our service ,inform decisions about roads and pavements, cycling, bus services, public transport and how they work together across London Borough of Croydon.

You will remain anonymous by taking the survey online and the only details we ask are for demographic purposes such as your age range.

It doesn't matter if you've only just moved to the area, we want to hear from a wide range of people.

National Transport Survey - Accessibility


How do you feel about the provision of things like safe crossing points and dropped kerbs for pushchairs and wheelchairs in Croydon? How easy are buses to get on and off? These are the types of things you can tell us about in the accessibility survey.

Take the Accessibility survey


National Transport Survey - Highways Maintenance

Highways maintenance

Tell us what you think of the condition of Croydon roads, street lighting, cleanliness and much more.

Take the Highways Maintenance survey


National Transport Survey - Public transport

Public transport

If you use any form of public transport and that includes taxis as well as buses and community transport, we want to hear what you think of the service. Are you kept well enough informed? Are they reliable?

Take the Public Transport survey


National Transport Survey - Road Safety

Road safety

Road safety is important to us so what you tell us in this survey will help to determine our priorities in the future.  Are you satisfied with road safety in Croydon? Do we deal with defects and winter gritting quickly enough?

Take the Road Safety survey


National Transport Survey - Tackling congestion

Tackling congestion

We understand traffic levels and congestion in our larger towns can be an issue. Do we do enough to reduce traffic delays? Do we complete roadworks in good time?

Take the Tackling Congestion survey


National Transport Survey - Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling

Whether its walking to the bus stop or across the town, cycling to work our touring the region, now's your chance to tell us if our pavements and paths are up to scratch; if cycle lanes are suitable or signposts for pedestrians are adequate?

Take the Walking and Cycling survey