Emission-based parking charges

If you have a low or zero-emission vehicle, register to receive a discount on parking charges.

We are taking positive steps to improve air quality and protect people’s health, especially children and older people.

This includes introducing an emission-based charging scheme in response to duties to the National Air Quality Strategy and the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy. 

Revising parking charges according to vehicle emissions became council policy in 2019 with an aim of reducing the damaging impact air pollution has on public health and encouraging residents to help reduce harmful emissions in the borough.

In engagements on air quality and transportation, Croydon residents have told the Council they are concerned about air pollution and that there are too many cars on the roads. The purpose of the new charging structure is to encourage lower emission driving and to discourage non-essential car use.

How to get the discount

First you will need to register with RingGo (you can do this on the app itself, via the website or phone).

The low emission discounts will be applied automatically when you pay for parking using the RingGo service. You cannot get these discounts if you pay at the parking machine. 

Ways to pay using RingGo

Smartphone app

Visit the RingGo Apps webpage from your smartphone to get the RingGo parking app. 


Log onto the RingGo website from your phone or computer.

Automated telephone line

Call 020 3046 0010.

Discount bandings

Band Emissions Discount
1 Zero 90%
2 Up to 185g/km CO2 25%
3 More than 185g/km CO2 Full charge

You will default to paying the full charge if:

  • you pay at a meter, rather than online or by phone with RingGo
  • your vehicle is registered before March 2001
  • your vehicle is diesel registered before September 2015
  • your vehicle is imported or modified without UK emission data